70 years of Peace

May 9, 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany. The signing was actually done around midnight, which is why the Russians commemorate this day on May 8. The Sovjets had reached Berlin in April of 1945 and many thousand soldiers died taking the German capitol, most of them put to rest in the city. There are many events today and tomorrow to commemorate this special day, but there are several memorials in Berlin that are open all year around. Out of the 5 Sovjet Memorials, two are definitely worth a visit: The Memorial on June 17 with the two original tanks flanking the 6-meter tall statue of a Sovjet soldier, and the Memorial in Treptow park with its 30-meter high statue by the artist Wutchetitch (the same artist who designed the knotted gun in front of the United Nations building in New York). Also, the Russian-German museum in Karlshorst is very interesting and was recently renovated. Also consider a visit to the British War Cemetery in Charlottenburg with its 3576 graves of British, Canadian and Austrialian soldiers. (Why are there  no graves of US soldiers? They were all taken home to be burried in the US!)

März 2010 009


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